Time Well Spent

Beckmans College of Design, Graduation Show 2021, May 20th–25th

Beckmans College of Design’s annual graduation show opens on May 20th.
        The three graduating classes in Fashion, Product Design, and Visual Communication have worked to explore, challenge and influence a variety of areas within design. In May, they will present their graduation projects both digitally and in an exhibition at the college.
        The exhibition concept raises questions about the importance of time within design, especially during times like these. The students have all experienced how time affects a project - how infinite it feels at the start and how scarce it is at the end. Still, somehow, you reach your goal.
        Beckmans’ Graduation Exhibition 2021 is called “Time Well Spent”, meaning three years at Beckmans is time well spent.
        Since this an ongoing project this page will be updated as more pieces of the identity get to see the light.

The identity won second place in Resumé’s award “design of the month”.

Save the date︎︎︎

        Beckmans College of Design’s Graduation Show 2021 presents three films portraying the constant battle between you and the deadline. Whether you try to fight or flee, there is no escaping time. Only one can win, and you’re about to find out.

Wasting Time – Episode 01︎︎︎

Layers upon layers. Minutes add to minutes. Hours to hours. Days to days. Entities to eternities. And so it goes on. A continued progress of existence. Gone in an instant. The escape is the present.

Saving Time – Episode 02︎︎︎

A raging current. Multiplying into millions. Almost invisible. Always invincible. What do you do when things pile up? Is it possible to hold on forever? What happens if you don’t? If you just stop.

Time Well Spent – Episode 03︎︎︎

Minutes washing over you like waves. Aware of every breath. A sudden feeling of contentment to have completed something. Time is yours. Time is ours. Our time is now.


Concept & Art Direction: Ivan Gedin, Isabelle Sjö, Lisa Åsberg & Lova Nyblom graduate students in Visual Communication
Directors of Photography: Alva Nylander & Isak Lundberg
Set Design: Johanna Fosselius & Teresa Lundmark, graduate students in Product Design
Gaffer: Thabiso Kubheka Persson
BBE: Calle Mardell
Talent: Viktor Nilsson
Original music by: Erik Elvkull
Sound Designer: Therese Gylfe
Colorist: Axel Rundquist


A conversation about past, present and future within design between alumni and graduate students from Beckmans College of Design, filmed for the Graduation Show 2021.


Concept & Art Direction:
Ivan Gedin, Isabelle Sjö, Lisa Åsberg & Lova Nyblom, Graduate students in Visual Communication
Camera: Lisa Åsberg & Wasim Harwill
Sound: Fredrik Westin & Eliot Axelsson
Editing: Edward Ström, Ida Gustafsson & Wasim Harwill
Colorist: Wasim Harwill
Translation & Subtitles: Lova Rehle & Stephanie Sierau
Original music by: Erik Elvkull