Estée Lauder White Linen

Beckmans College of Design
Graphic Design & Art Direction

The result of my work in the course Graphic Identity at Beckmans College of Design. The assignment was to research the brand and iconic perfume we were given to create a new visual identity and concpet for the perfume, to reinterpret the icon.
        My inspiration came from Mrs Lauders vision for White Linen, that the woman wearing it was “fresh, crisp and clean”. White Linen was a very restrained and stripped perfume for it’s time, it’s said to be one of the first “clean” scents. Therefore my visual inspiration was the soap bar, with a colour palette that goes from grey to white, from dirty to clean. The soaked white shirt in the campaign imagery is my reinterpretation of the perfumes original campaigns, where women dressed in white wanders in beautiful gardens.