3D Animation & Web
Domino is a project created at Beckmans where we collaborated with Svenskt Tenn and the Beijer Institute interpreting research about tipping points in ecosystems. Our mission was to create a bridge to the highly topical environmental research conducted by the Beijer Institute. I collaborated with research scientist Juans C. Rocha and became interested in his research about cascading regime shifts.
        Domino illustrates how a regime shift in one ecosystem can cause regime shifts in other systems as well, a so-called cascade effect. With a digitization of the classic domino game I urge the visitor to see individuals actions in a larger perspective. They can be large and unpredictable effects, which in time can lead to extreme losses. Here, people and our choices is the triggering ball that drops the tile and sets the whole system in motion. Sometimes the movement stops, then we have the chance to contemplate and hopefully stop the process.
        The final product was exhibited at Svenskt Tenn’s flagshipstore located at Strandvägen in Stockholm for two weeks.

Exhibition text:
        I Domino illustreras hur ett regimskifte kan orsaka regimskiften äve i andra system, en så kallad kaskadeffekt. Med en digitalisering av de klassiska dominospelet uppmanar Lova besökaren att se enskilda handlingar i ett större perspektiv. De kan ha stora och oförutsägbara effekter, som i sinom tid kan leda till extrema förluster. Här är människor och våra val den utlösande kulan som fäller brickan som sätter hela systemet i rörelse. Ibland avstannar rörelsen, då har vi chansen att hejda förloppet.