Daydreams & other Realities

What distinguishes daydreams from reality? Daydreams & other Realities is a gamebook inspired by quantum theories and lets the reader with their directed attention shape the narrative.
        The project is inspired by potential and possibilities. Potential as something that one sees in oneself but also stored energy, which in itself is a possibility. If you were able to wave your magic wand, what would you like? The idea for the project is based on the question whether we, as people, have a mental magic wand that we have not yet learned how to use, and do not yet understand.
        The gamebook deals with subjects like dreams, reality, affirmation, intention and their connection to Self, and aims to inspire readers to be the authors of their own lives, creating their own reality. The visual expression is inspired by concrete poetry and the typography is shaped by the actions on the pages.
        In the gamebook you, the reader, is the main character and shape the narrative while you are reading. The book seeks to plant an idea in the reader that they, with their directed attention, can influence their perceived reality in which the pen becomes a symbol for the mental magic wand.